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Welcome to our website,

This your “Who, What, When and Where” of Orthodox
news in Tampa Bay. Feast day celebrations, special services, speakers,
festivals, retreats, events and more are now at your

This site offers current noteworthy information regarding
all of the Orthodox churches within about a one hundred
mile radius of Tampa Bay. In addition you have the ability
to easily locate any particular church and it’s website, all
from this location.

Orthodoxy in Tampa Bay began in the early 1900s when
Greek immigrants came to the Tarpon Springs area. These
pioneers brought the sponging industry here from their
home island of Kalymnos in eastern Greece. In time the
area grew as well as Orthodoxy, which now consists of
over thirty Orthodox churches. The greatest concentration
of Orthodox churches in the Southeast.

Orthodox Jurisdictions in the Tampa Bay include Greek,
Ukranian, Antiochian, Serbian, Russian, Rocor, Orthodox
Church in America (OCA), Carpatho Russian, Romanian,
Macedonian as well as Patriarchal communities and

Our hope is to facilitate the exchange of news between
our church parishes and we sincerely hope this service is
of value to you as a resident or visitor to Tampa Bay.
This site does not offer a blog or opinions or
commentaries, but only information submitted by each


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