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God our Savior and the Lord Jesus Christ, our Hope [I Timothy 1:1]-Thoughts from Fr. Michael Massouh

December 12, 2012

Christ is our Savior, our salvation, our hope! When He came into the world, or rather came to dwell among His people, He brought the hope of eternal life, of fellowship with Him and His Holy Ones, and of being members of the household of God. He brought hope!

With Christ being born of a Woman, the Blessed Theotokos, He fulfilled the hope of our ancestors and the promises made to them. As St Symeon stated when he beheld and held the Christ Child in his arms, “Mine eyes have seen thy salvation and the glory of thy people Israel.”

Christmas time is Hope time! It is a special time. It is a glorious time. It is a unique time. It is a cosmic time for the Creator of the Universe became a human being – a creature. He did so not for Himself but for us, His people – His creatures. How awesome! How mysterious! How wonder filled! How joyous! The angels were amazed that Jesus, the Son of God, would deign to lower Himself, to empty Himself, to become man. Yet, that is exactly what He did in the fullness of time, of chronological time (chronos), not of eternal time (kairos).

What more can we say? We are awe struck. We are overwhelmed. Like the shepherds and the Magi we stand in silence and bend our knees as we take in the sight of this marvelous happening – too marvelous for words.

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